About Deaf Australia

About Deaf Australia

Deaf Australia is the deaf-led peak organisation representing deaf people in Australia. We promote the advancement of human rights and equality for deaf people by collaborating with our members and stakeholders in implementing the United Nations Conventions and the National Disability Strategy.

Deaf Australia is for all deaf, hard of hearing and non-deaf people and organisations (not-for-profit, for profit or government) that use and/or accept and respect Auslan (Australian Sign Language).

Population of Sign Language users in Australia, based on National Censuses (source: Australian Bureau of Statistics):

  • 2016 – 11,682
  • 2011 – 9,723
  • 2006 – 6,944
  • 2001 – 5,306

Common issues and challenges (source: 2017 Survey):

  • Access to communications and supports (e.g., caption, relay service and interpreters);
  • National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS);
  • Access to Auslan Programs and related supports (e.g., Auslan courses, interpreting services, and human supports);
  • Assistive Technologies (and related supports, e.g. hearing aids);
  • Education (e.g., accessible education, Teachers of the Deaf, Auslan curriculum);
  • Human Rights (e.g., rights to use Auslan);
  • Legal Issues and Justice (e.g., jury rights);
  • Health (e.g., interpreters, awareness training)

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