Deaf Australia Board

The Board of Deaf Australia is made up of seven people elected by Deaf Australia Ordinary (Deaf) members to represent the Deaf community in Australia. To be elected to the Board, a person must be an Ordinary (Deaf) member of Deaf Australia.

Board members serve Deaf Australia as volunteers for a period of two years and are ultimately responsible to the members of Deaf Australia who elected them. Board members can be re-elected after their two year term is finished.

The Board works with a three year strategic plan that outlines the goals to be achieved. Board members work with the staff of Deaf Australia to achieve the goals as outlined in the strategic plan. The Board meets at least four times a year.


Todd Wright (NSW)


    President since 2013
    Board Director since 2010
    Board Director of Deaf Society of NSW since 2010
    Employed currently as an IT Services Manager at IBM

    Todd’s vision: “A Stronger Deaf Australia making a Better Australia for Deaf People.”

    Ida Rogers (NSW)

    Board Director

      Board Director since 2012
      Deaf Victoria Board member 2011-2012
      Deaflympian – Melbourne 2005
      Deaf Australia Representative for Canada WFDYC 2003
      Employed currently as a teacher – adult education in sign language and literacy.

      Ida’s vision: “To see every individual able to participate freely and with full knowledge and ability to use their human rights within our society. Education is key to this and with more access to education then can more individuals become aware of their abilities.”


      Board Director

        This position is currently vacant.

        Deaf Australia Constitution

        Download a copy of the current constitution document (PDF 530KB)