Joining Deaf Australia …

Deaf and non-Deaf people are welcome to join Deaf Australia.

Deaf members can vote and be on the Deaf Australia Board – our philosophy is for Deaf people to have control over how we work and present ourselves.

Our hearing members provide a valuable perspective and contribute alongside Deaf people on Deaf Australia Expert Groups and at events and consultations.

Your small annual membership fee helps us continue to advocate and work on behalf of the entire Deaf community. You also get information about current issues, what Deaf Australia is doing for you, new technologies and services, as well as discounts on Deaf Australia products and events.

Your membership shows governments, industry and service providers that Deaf people, their families, friends and organisations are committed to Deaf Australia’s objectives and support our work. The more members Deaf Australia has, the stronger our voice is, and the more we can achieve for you.


Deaf Australia Membership

Becoming a member of Deaf Australia means you get lots of great benefits. Your membership also supports the only deaf-specific advocacy organisation in Australia that fights nationally for the rights of Deaf and hard of hearing Auslan users and communities.

Download the Deaf Australia Memberships Benefit Document (PDF)

You also get to become a member of your state organisation when you join Deaf Australia: 2 for the price of 1!

Deaf Australia is currently offering members a free option to also register for our Deaf Friendly Scheme. It will give your employer the added benefit of advertising to the deaf community that they have staff with Auslan skills who can provide specific services to deaf people. Your employer also gets a discount on their membership if you are also part of the scheme.

To find out more about Deaf Friendly Scheme click here (link to


For Deaf and hard of hearing applicants:

A one off payment of $100.00 (payable at time of application) OR $30 payment in 4 instalments (total $120.00). After that, you are a member for life and do not have to pay any more money.

For hearing applicants:

$100.00 payable at time of application. Renewable every 5 years.

For Corporate Membership:

Please email at to obtain an application form or request a Tax Invoice.

The Deaf Friendly Scheme is designed to benefit the whole Deaf community, but you don’t have to be part of it if you don’t want to. You can choose to continue your membership with Deaf Australia in the usual way – you might like to do this if you are not currently working and don’t want to be part of the Deaf Friendly scheme. Please note that if you decide to opt-in to the Deaf Friendly scheme later, you may have to pay an extra fee.

Download a copy of the Membership Schedules and Fees document (PDF) Get Deaf Australia and FREE Deaf Friendly Membership now!  Get or renew Deaf Australia Membership now!


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