ACT Inquiry: Access to services and information in Auslan

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Hello everyone!
Deaf Australia is seeking Deaf people who live in ACT.
DeafACT is a small organisation who actively focuses on advocacy, sports and other support services in ACT.
We have been in consultation with together regarding a very important Inquiry that has been established by the ACT Government.
This Inquiry will focus on the accessibility of services and information in Auslan, and further information is available into the specifics of what the Inquiry will involve.
Deaf Australia and DeafACT would like to encourage the community and you as individuals to please make a submission towards the Inquiry advising them of the issues you have experienced.
From your submissions the Inquiry will examine what changes need to be made. Change may be required to a law, improving a system or processes to better the future.
We strongly encourage you all to submit to the Inquiry before the cut off date which is this Friday 15th July.
Deaf Australia is working together with Deaf ACT and in support they have asked us to create a template which is available to download online.  This template will help with creating a submission using written English or if you would like to submit an Auslan version, the template will support with the structure of the submission.
If you have any questions or queries, please contact the team at DeafACT who will be able to support you. 
Please spread the word to your friends, family, work colleagues, this is a valuable Inquiry for the Deaf community in ACT.
Thank you for supporting this important cause.

Download the template submission

More information about the inqury

Recent Facebook Q&A with DeafACT

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