2014 Survey Results

Where in Australia do you live?

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How often do you watch captioned TV programs?

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On an average, how many hours do you watch captioned TV programs a day?

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Which channels do you watch the most?

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Do you subscribe to Pay TV?

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On an average, what is your opinion of captioning on TV?

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On an average, how many times a day do you think captions are excellent?

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Have you ever made a complaint?

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Why have you not made a complaint?

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If ‘other’ please explain:



How many times in the last month (November 2014) have you made a complaint about captioning?

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When was the last time you made a complaint?

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If you have complained, how long did it take them to respond to your complaint?

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If you have received response to your complaint, was it:

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Do you feel that TV broadcasters take serious responsibility for captioning of TV programs and respect and understand the needs of caption users (people who needs captions)?

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If no, please give examples


What is important to you about captioning? (you can select more than one)

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If other, please explain



What is the best way to make sure captions are of good quality?

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If a TV broadcaster breaches their obligation to provide captioned program, what should happen to them? (please comment)



Overall, do you think the quality of captioning on TV has improved in the last two years?

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What message/comments do you wish to tell the government about captioning?