Step 1: Deaf Pathway



This Toolkit was designed with you in mind to ensure you get better accessibility, inclusion, diversity, and equity (AIDE) in Australian community you are part of everyday. This includes education, employment, health, and language use. Deaf Australia hope that you will find the tools and resources inside the Toolkit useful and share with others.

In this pathway, we have added several more tools to support you in having better equity in your life, such as self-advocacy, and about Auslan and Deaf community. Those tools include snapshots and others for you to share or answer questions from others.

As you go through each area in this Toolkit, you will find checklists, guidelines, snapshots, position papers, lists, and summaries from the research team on Deaf community in Australia. Please take advantage of those and share with others – send them to this website.

Deaf Australia is your national peak-body advocacy organisation focusing on improving the quality of every aspect of a deaf person’s life in Australia and we rely on your on-going support to do essential works. We appreciate any feedback or support from you on this Toolkit and other advocacy works Deaf Australia has done. 

Enjoy exploring Australia’s first Deaf-designed and Deaf-led AIDE Toolkit!

Visual description

Deaf interpreter has short curly brown hair and is wearing a short-sleeve dark blue t-shirt. They are signing in a friendly and informative manner towards the camera.

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