3.7 Services and Products


Welcome to a special page where you can find info about how to create and provide services and products that are Deaf- and Auslan-friendly.

Deaf people in Australia are avid consumers of many services and products that many other Australians appreciate, such as technology, transports, communication systems, entertainments, and more.

There are things that deaf people found problematic when accessing to services or using products that rendering them not Deaf- or Auslan-friendly to use. This is a way to address these issues with the hope that in future the services and products designed and implemented would have main points incorporated. 

The primary practice that inventors/innovators, designers, producers, manufacturers, organisers, and developers need to adopt is to consult with the Deaf community first when either a service or a product is still in the planning phrase.

Both the guidelines and checklists for services and products are available for you to work with.

Visual description

Deaf interpreter has white curly hair and is wearing a dark long-sleeved shirt. She is signing in a professional and informative manner towards the camera.


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  • AIDE Services and Products Guidelines PDF
  • AIDE Services and Products Guidelines Word document

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