Step 1: Deaf Pathway

Step 2: Non-Deaf Pathway

Step 4: Resources

Step 3: AIDE Toolkit


Here, you will find several AIDE downloadable resources to support you with making changes in your community, workplace, educational institution, and more for deaf members of Deaf community in Australia.

 You will learn what AIDE means for the Deaf community, and why it is important over any other Accessibility & Inclusion (A&I, DIAP, etc) for deaf people who use Auslan every day.

This AIDE Toolkit will cover three main domains – Education, Employment, and Health because those three are the main areas deaf people have experienced negatively with lot of barriers for most of their lives. In each domain, there are checklists, guidelines, snapshots, and position papers to guide you in improving…?

Also, it provides resources on language use as well on how to make the services and products deaf/Auslan friendly.

Deaf Australia is hoping to add more domains over the years – however we need your support in making this happening. Contact us with feedback, success stories, and other supports you could provide.

Let’s work together to make our community a truly supportive one for deaf members in Australia.

Visual description

Deaf interpreter has white curly hair and is wearing a dark long-sleeved shirt. She is signing in a professional and informative manner towards the camera.

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