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AIDE Toolkit Now Available online!


Hello. Deaf Australia is excited to launch a new toolkit called AIDE toolkit. AIDE meaning Accessibility, Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity. This toolkit can be used for deaf people, their friends/family, organisations, anyone that may benefit from, e.g., deaf advocacy, deaf awareness, improving accessibility in workplace, and other relevant areas. There are three areas the toolkit focuses on- legal, education, and health. That includes covering important issues relating to the three areas. For example, key issues relating to deaf educations are covered, including accessibility issues at school. There is both an AIDE Education Checklist and Guideline provided to ensure needs are being met.

Important to note that there are still some videos yet to be finished: the Literature Review, and the Deaf Census Report, including the infographic, visual representation of census data. Those videos are coming very soon. Still, at the moment, we would like to ask you to give it a try, have a look, and give us  feedback on how we can do better with the toolkit.  Your feedback is extremely valuable to us for potential future projects. Thank you!

Visual description

Josh is standing against a plain beige background and wearing a black shirt. He is signing in a professional and information manner towards the camera.

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