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Auslan information about Legal Aid NSW

Legal Aid NSW provides legal services to disadvantaged clients across NSW in most areas of criminal, family and civil law. People with disability are an important client group for Legal Aid NSW.

Information about “How Legal Aid NSW can help you” is now available in Auslan on the Legal Aid NSW website www.legalaid.nsw.gov.au
Logo for Legal Aid NSWThe Auslan video highlights some of the legal problems that Legal Aid NSW can assist with and the services that they provide. It also explains how Deaf or hard of hearing people can contact LawAccess NSW for more information using a TTY or the National Relay Service.
If you live in NSW and have any comments or suggestions about legal issues that you think should be explained through Auslan, please contact Suzie Cornish, Equity and Diversity Coordinator, at Legal Aid NSW ([email protected]).

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