Auslan shop – Christmas shopping

It’s soon Christmas! It’s fast approaching and if you’ve not yet bought presents for your friends and family, if you don’t know what to buy them, not to worry, you can have a look at our Auslan Shop website. A perfect present for example would be the book Future Girl by Asphyxia. Perhaps you’d like to get it for your friends or family members who absolutely love reading or for the children too. We also have board games that you could play with your family, they’re a lot of fun. There are lots of things at the Shop. Another example could be that family members want to improve their Auslan skills, so you could give them the perfect gift of ‘The Survival Guide to Auslan’ to help them with that. 

If you want to have your order delivered in time to wrap up and put under the Christmas tree for those who live in WA or QLD make sure you order before the 1st December. For those who live in Greater Sydney, the western areas you have more time; you can order before 8th December. If you live in the city, Parramatta – Hill District, you can order before 11 December. So come have a look and get ordering! 

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