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Hello!  Exciting news about a new book, now available to buy thought the Auslan Shop website. 

This book is written by Juhana Salonen, a Deaf Finnish. Their sign name is 'J' turn right movement.

He wrote this book called 'I sign, Therefore I Am'. Here is a snapshot of the blurb:

is the powerful story of a deaf young man struggling with this identity, and of his growth into a sign language user who is proud of his culture.

Being the deaf child of hearing parents and the only deaf person in my early surroundings: these were the fondations for the identity crisis

I underwent in my youth. The crisis could have had a tragic end, but fortunately in my case it did not. It took years of searching, however,

to finally grow into my identity as a deaf person and to adopt Finnish Sign Language as my mother tongues.  I wrote this book to share my life

experiences with members of any linguistic or cultural minority. This highly topical issue in society, as such minorities are increasingly in the limelight. 

Many automatically assume that minorities have it bad, and that their member deviate - in a negative sense - from the majority population also in other ways.

This book offers excellent opportunities for seeing the world though a deaf person's eyes and for correcting misguided views. At the same time, it provides compelling evidence of the benefits of deafness and sign language for both the deaf and the population at large.

You can order this book now through our Auslan Shop website! Read this story about Juhana, a special Deaf from Finland. Thank you. Bye for now.

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