Palliative Care webinar upcoming on 21 May


We will have a webinar called “Palliative Care”. 

Palliative care is treatment, care and support to help for people who are very sick and can't get better and will die from illness. So this care is all about making them feel as good and happy as possible. 

We will have Sophie, a hearing doctor based in Perth, specialises in palliative care medicine, providing home-based care to people of all ages. 

She will explain more about what palliative care is - supporting each person doesn’t matter what’s their age for what they need. This includes reducing pain, making plans for the future, and arrange counselling to cope with emotions. 

Palliative care also helps families talk about important things together, supports and respects cultural traditions, and offers respite care.

You are keen to know more? Then come and watch this webinar!

Deaf Australia, Expression Australia and Deaf Victoria are working together to ensure this webinar is accessible. Auslan interpreters and captioning will be provided.

Please register soon.

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Paula is standing in front of a beige wall and wearing a black t-shirt, she has long blonde curly hair and is wearing glasses. She is signing towards the camera in a friendly manner.

Learn more about specialised care and support provided for someone living with a life-limiting illness. Auslan interpreters and captioning will be provided.

When: 21 May 2024
7:30pm – 8:45pm (NSW, VIC, QLD & TAS)
7:00pm – 8:15pm (SA & NT)
5:30pm – 6:45pm (WA)

Where: Online via Zoom

Perth Thinking Lab 2024 Update


Hello! Exciting update about Thinking Lab in Perth 1-5 July. We've now got FAQ videos up on the website with Stef answering different questions. Maybe you're not sure about where will stay, what we will eat or if you can pay using NDIS funding? All this information is in the FAQ videos. There is also an application form. It's simple: you just put your name, age, where you live, and answer a few questions about who you are. Are you interested? Please apply!

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Gab is standing in front of a plain white background. She is wearing a plain brown swearer and signing in a friendly and informative manner.

Announcing Perth Thinking Lab 2024

We have an exciting new event to announce! Coming this winter, we are hosting…
Thinking Lab 2024 is a space bringing many deaf people together to figure out what and how we think. Our aim is to develop and improve our deep thinking skills. We are busy preparing the application and FAQs for you, keep an eye on our social media and website for the latest updates.
In the meantime, see Gab’s video for all the details. We hope you’re excited and will think about joining us!


Hello Australian Deaf Community! My name is Gab Hodge. I'm Deaf from Melbourne and now working in Scotland at the University of Edinburgh in sign language linguistics. 

Have you ever dreamed of spending one week at a beautiful location, thinking, learning and signing with other Deaf people? Yes, me too! 

I’m excited to partner with Deaf Australia in hosting a new event in Perth from 1-5 July 2024. 

Thinking Lab 2024: a space bringing many deaf people together to figure out what and how we think. Our aim is to develop and improve our deep thinking skills. Thinking Lab will not be like sitting in a row in a classroom watching boring lectures. We will watch different films. [Note for Deafblind attendees we can use different prompts on request]. We will draw on different ideas from these films, depending on all of our different interests. These ideas will be taken into group or one-on-one discussions, and we'll also do different creative activities designed to support development of our deep thinking skills. 

Thinking Lab 2024 will be facilitated by myself and four other wonderful Deaf people:

  1. Annelies Kusters (Belgium) who is extremely knowledgeable about Deaf people, language, culture and film-making. 
  2. Jody Barney (Australia) who has extensive experience relating to First Nations knowledge, culture, language and advocacy. 
  3. Stef Linder (Australia) who is skilled with interpreting, translating and community development. 
  4. Marta Morgado (Portugal) who is knowledgeable about linguistics, Deaf culture and visual notetaking. This is different to English notetaking, as it relies on transforming ideas into visual or tactile notes. 

We are very excited to host this event together. Jody, Stef and myself all use Auslan. Annelies and Marta use BSL or International Sign. 

There are 25 spots available for Thinking Lab. These limited places ensure we can provide a good quality learning experience for everyone who attends.

The registration fee is $2,000 per person and includes all food, accommodation and learning for the week. We also have five free places available for people who do not have access to funding. 

Would you like to join? You must be:

  1. Deaf, Deafblind, Deaf disabled or hard of hearing and age 18 or older
  2. Comfortable using visual or tactile sign for the week
  3. Open minded, curious and interested in other people and ideas

We hope you will apply! Stef explains the application process in another video. We also have a series of FAQ videos that you might like to check for answers to any questions.  

Hope to see you there! Thank you.

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Gab is standing in front of a plain white background. She is wearing a dark red turtleneck and signing in a friendly and informative manner.

International Women’s Day 2024


International Women's Day, Friday the 8th of March 2024.

Deaf Australia will be joining the United Nations in celebrating International Women's Day with this year's theme: "Invest in Women: Accelerate Progress."

We all want to make this world a better place. This means we need to support and believe that girls and women can lead safer and healthier lives. By ensuring equality, which benefits all. We all need to work together to make this change and accelerate progress.

Deaf Australia wants to acknowledge and empower all Deaf women to improve their future for the better.

Happy International Women's Day to the all the women in the Deaf Community.

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Paula is a white woman with long blonde and curly hair. She is standing against a plain blue background and wearing a grey long-sleeved shirt with a scarf. She has glasses on and is signing towards the camera in a friendly manner.

Part Time Job Opportunity


Hello! I am Shirley Liu, Acting CEO at Deaf Australia.

We are excited to share a work opportunity with you – this will be only fixed term – 3 months (late March until late June).

Due to internal staff changes, we can offer this temporary position.

We are looking for a deaf person who is available as soon as possible, can meet our criteria, and fit into our organisation, Deaf Australia’s vision and purpose.

The title of the job is Project Assistant. Part-time means 3 days – 21 hours.

What responsibilities are involved in this role?

  • Have translation skills (Auslan to English, vice versa)
  • Manage some general email and administrative tasks, coordination, and logistics
  • Collaborate and support the team to ensure the timely production and logistics of Deaf Australia projects
  • Create a review & final outcome report after resources and projects are released
  • Consult with our deaf community members
  • Research and identify trending topics related to advocacy and community issues
  • And other general tasks

If you are interested, please send your Expression of Interest (EOI) and motivation statement to me at [email protected]. The EOI will be closed by 15 March 2024. Any questions, please contact me; I am happy to provide any further information.

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Shirley is standing against a beige background and is wearing a black t-shirt.

Interested? Send your EOI and Motivation Statement to
Shirley at [email protected]

NRS Poll


Hello! We would like to share an update with you about the NRS. The National Relay Service is under the responsibility of the Australian government. This means that the government will contract one company to manage the NRS for all people around Australia.

Every three years (sometimes extended) the government creates a new contract through a tender process. The government will pick a business and continue NRS. The contract is responsible to provide services to all people who are deaf, hard of hearing, or have a speech communication difficulty.

We can see that the NRS still has some issues. We (being a group of key disability organisation stakeholders) and us (Deaf Australia), are disappointed with the government because they didn’t follow proper procedure during this latest tender process. They didn’t consult with us prior to launching the tender regarding any issues. Unfortunately the tender process has already begun.

We are working on a collaborative approach to advocate for the best quality, because we can see how it is dropping each year. Don’t worry because we are currently working with ACCAN who are the peak national advocacy group for Australian communication consumers, similar to us at Deaf Australia. Also, they are knowledgable about what to do when communication issues arise and liaise with the government on possible solutions.

We have full spreadsheet of all the areas we want to improve, remove or add to regarding the NRS. Now, we are asking you all, the deaf community, to let us know if you support our work and respond if you’re happy. Then we can show the NRS our proposal and make sure it’s right and we have picked through the proposal with the relevant deaf topics.

I will give you a list and you let us know if it’s all good! This is a list of different types of support and services like:

Funding of NRS – need to keep ongoing funding, not less.

NRS chat 24/7 – keep this service the same, no changes.

VRS (video relay service) – right now has limited time and day we want to expand this to 24/7 availability.

TTY Services – keep this the same.

SMS Relay – keep this the same.

Captioning Services – like accessible captioned telephone for people who are oral – keep this the same.

Also we want to add education and training program to teach hearing people how to use NRS, and visit schools and teach deaf students how to use it.

Also to educate general hearing public about NRS and to avoid such incidents and misunderstandings when they receive NRS call and hang up or think it is a scam.

Also, how to improve 000 emergency calls though NRS.

Oops, there is one more! We want to remove NRS registration before using service. Meaning no requirement to register or login. You can start using NRS chat and video right away anytime. You won't have to log in or create an account to use service. It will be automatic and easy.

We also want to make sure this is an accessible platform for deafblind people and include them for any issues, discussion or design collaboration.

That is all for now. If you are happy with this proposal so far please fill out the poll to show your support. If you have any feedback or to raise another matter, please add it in the poll, we will be collecting all further notes. I will use to prepare for the next meeting and present. I want to show the connection to you, our community, and present to the government that the deaf community supports this advocacy endeavor!

Just to let you know, the poll closes Thursday 29th February 5pm AEDT. Meaning Sydney / east coast time. Thank you!

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Shirley Liu is wearing a black t-shirt and standing in front a plain green and blue gradient background. Her hair is pulled back . She is signing in an engaging way towards the camera.

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