Awards nomination now open


Deaf Australia recently received responses from a survey sent out regarding a few things; thank you for that. Part of the survey asked about the awards. There were a lot of comments suggesting that one of the awards be dropped and we all agreed that we will go from 4 awards to 3. The award to omit is the Fair Go award. We will provide more information at the SGM, a special meeting held on the 4th of March.

We are excited to open up nominations for the awards dating back from 2020 to 2021. It’s not for this year but for the past year. Have a look at the website which provides information for each different award. We have three awards: the Deaf Australian of the Year, Deaf Youth of the Year and Deaf Community Volunteer of the Year.

All the information is on the website, there is a nomination form you can fill in. There are guidelines to make sure that the person nominated fits the criteria. If there is anyone you know out there in the Deaf community who works hard, is a volunteer and supports the community and so should be recognised you can fill out details about them and why they should win. You can write or film yourself. You can upload the form and send it off, easily done. The nominations have a cut-off date which is the 25th of February at 5pm AEST. When we receive the nominations, we will have a team to assess them and make the announcements at the SGM in March.

So c’mon, get nominating!

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