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Christmas greetings and a special announcement

Deaf Friendly Scheme

The Board and Staff of Deaf Australia wish you a happy and festive season.

Our sincere thanks to members of the deaf community, volunteers, service providers, families of deaf children, professionals and governments in supporting the work of Deaf Australia this year.
We look forward continuing to work with members and stakeholders in 2015.
Deaf Australia is also delighted to announce that next year we will be introducing a new system for combining Deaf Australia membership with a unique system to recognise businesses and organisations that are accessible and ‘friendly’ to the deaf community; the Deaf Friendly scheme.

The Deaf Friendly Scheme

the Deaf Friendly SchemeDeaf people will also be able to use our new Deaf Friendly Business Directory as a simple way to find businesses and organisations that employ staff who are deaf or have Auslan skills.
When the Scheme rolls out in 2015, Deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing people with Auslan skills will be able to use their Deaf Australia membership to assist their business or employer to get accreditation with the Deaf Friendly scheme: a deaf tick of approval that can be used Australia-wide!
Another bonus is that the money raised from the program will go straight into making sure Deaf Australia is able to keep advocating and working to benefit the lives of Deaf people across Australia.
[button url=”” class=”button” size=”large” color=”green-2″ target=”_self” lightbox_content=”” lightbox_description=””] For more information about the Deaf Friendly scheme, click here  [/button] Be safe and be well. See you in 2015!
Todd, John, Ida, Danni, Ann, Kyle, Rachel, Rebecca, Tony, Amber and Felicity.

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