CE update – 21 March 2022


Hello, I’m Jen Blyth, CEO of Deaf Australia.

This is our short update for Three Terrific Things.

Recently we held our SGM.

We gave out two awards to two winners. Jaycob Campbell for Deaf Australian of the Year and to Andrew Welshe for Community Volunteer of the year. Congratulations to you both. We are very proud to see such wonderful Deaf people represent our community in Australia.

We proposed that the community vote on the member structure and the fee structure.

For the members structure it was agreed that Deaf, hearing and Hard-of-Hearing could all be members. With one exception, that hearing members are not allowed to vote in AGMs or SGMs.

For the fees structure, we started the discussion but realised we need to have more talks with the community. We will start to work on this’d by the next AGM we will be ready to take a vote on this.

We have an Auslan Day competition with 3 amazing judges. We have more information on that in Three Terrific Things.

Please send in your videos, we really want to enjoy as many videos as possible.

Along with the three judges we will also have a community vote. There are many great prizes to be won and we have invested a lot of money into this event.

We will also have lots of other events on the day.

The Floods - our thoughts are with all the people affected by the floods in Queensland and NSW.

Through photos, videos and information online we have seen that people have been very scared and worried during the disaster. We are very aware that people are concerned that they do not have access to information. What can Deaf Australia do at this time? We are working with ASLIA and other agencies to work out how we can create best practise. We know this is not able to provide immediate help for the floods now, and we do apologies for that. But we are looking ahead to improve and setting up better access to information. So that in the future, if this happens, the support accessing information is already there, s that deaf people are confident in knowing what to do.

We are also working with people who are writing a DRR - Disaster Risk Reduction module for an e-learning course. This will be useful in preparing for future disaster events.

I wanted to let the community know that we are thinking of you, and if you need any advocacy support because of the floods, you can contact Deaf Australia and we can support you. Or if we cannot support you, we will find the right people who can support you.

I think that’s all for my update this week.

I look forward to working with you going forward. Bye for now.

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