CE’s Update – 29 September 2021


Transcript - Chief Executive’s update 29th Sept 2021:
Hello. I’m Jen Blyth, CE of Deaf Australia. I have few updates to share.

First of all, last week we launched our advocacy campaign for the Prime Minister to have Auslan interpreters at all press conferences. We asked the community to be involved in this campaign. That week ABC NewsRadio asked for an interview about this issue, and of course I said yes! The Auslan translation of the radio interview is on our Facebook and Instagram pages. I can announce that after the radio interview, the PM Office has been in contact with Deaf Services, because Deaf Services has a contract to provide Auslan interpreters. They had a discussion and I’m sure Deaf Services will give us update when they can. This is an exciting update because this is a wonderful example of collective and community advocacy. We worked together to make a small change happen! That is how advocacy works – with a series of small achievements. Advocacy can’t always result in one dramatically big change in a second. We need to work together, persevere, and keep working on the small things to make big changes. I also want to say thank you to the team who worked hard on this to make such an impactful campaign happen. And thank you to everyone in the community who were involved, shared our links, wrote to the PM and encouraged us. Thank you I really appreciate your support.

Secondly, I want to update on NDIS Safeguarding Commission. I hope you know that you can make a complaint or report to them about anything you see that is wrong when using your NDIS. Like for example – if you feel your interpreter didn’t do their job properly, you can complain to the NDIS Commission who will investigate. If you want to know more about this, please contact us and we can expand more on this. Same goes for interpreters – they can complain about any matters that concern deaf people.

We have a new website launch this week!! Thank you to the team, especially Shirley for designing and working on this awesome website. We hope you enjoy the website and give us (positive) feedback!

We will host our AGM on 31 October 7pm – Halloween night – perfect night for an AGM! Members should have gotten an AGM notice this week. This will be livestreamed online. Speaking of the AGM – we will be announcing the winners of the Dot Shaw Writers Competition then – we are excited to get your submissions! They can be stories, poetry, comics. We are SO excited to read them all. Please send them in!

The Colin Allen Lecture will be on 26 November which will be launched this week as well. You can nominate who you would like to present at this Lecture on our website.

We will soon be hosting in few weeks time for consultation with Deaf people for digital health, this includes things like Telehealth and Medicare online. We can consult only with 10 people. We will send out more information about this soon so keep your eyes out for this for the opportunity to share your feedback for digital health. This is a nation-wide opportunity.

Thank you. As usual, if you have any feedback, thoughts or enquires – please do contact us via many different methods shown on slide at end of this video. Thank you.

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