CEO Update 5 June AFDO Canberra Delegation


Hi I’m Shirley, the acting CEO of Deaf Australia. Today, I am here at parliament house in Canberra. I have flown over to Canberra to discuss the issue we recently shared with you, in relation to our funding reduction and the plan going forward. Today, I am here as part of a larger collective, with AFDO, The Australian Federation of Disability Organisations. Behind me here are seven members who have attended Canberra. Today we have met with Minster Rishworth’s senior advisor to discuss this serious issue of the allocation of $143,000, which is simply not enough.

We explained, advocated and discussed the importance of our organisation and that if our organisation was to close the very serious impact on the community. Who would advocate for the importance of Auslan, our language, culture and identity, who would inform government of the importance of this? We covered these points with the advisor. We have just finished a media interview, sharing the impacts on our organisations, we hope this will create an impact to increase funding. We hope to see this funding increase slightly, it may not be enough, but it is better than nothing.

This afternoon we have a few more meetings with MPs and senators to raise our issues again. We’ll update you over the coming weeks as we have more information. For your ongoing support, we thank you!

Visual description

The video shows Shirley, the acting CEO of Deaf Australia, giving a sign language presentation with inclusivity in a warm, positive atmosphere. In the background there is a diverse group, including a person in a wheelchair. The scene implies a meeting or event for Deaf Australia, with the text "CEO Update 5 June" visible. Shirley's identity is reinforced with the caption "Hi I'm Shirley, the acting CEO of Deaf Australia."

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