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CEO Update (Part 1) – 23 Oct 2023


Hello. This is Jen Blyth, CEO of Deaf Australia. I am making this video on Wurundjeri country of the Kulin Nation - Melbourne.

I have a CEO update. I'll try to keep it brief, but it's rather lengthy. Just a heads up in advance.

1. Services Australia (Centrelink) - Part 1
2. NDIS guidelines - Part 1
3. WFD 2027 Congress in UAE - Part 2

Services Australia
A Deaf community member reached out to us to ask us
to help advocate for the removal of the requirement to have interpreters be a nominee for Deaf people when making calls to Centrelink. We agreed this was an important advocacy issue, and we have successfully advocated for this removal. Service Australia have changed their policies and procedures which will be updated on their website soon. They will remove this requirement for nominees, instead changing the process to ask identifying questions from the interpreter, such as what their NAATI number is. This is a great win.

NDIS would we fund it guidelines
The NDIS has developed some guidelines to cover Deaf-specific requirements, such as Auslan at home for families and interpreting being covered. On their website, they will soon post about topics such as Auslan in the home for families, Auslan for adults, and interpreting services. Unfortunately, they don't share the hours or the costs, but the funds will be covered. This is a positive step that benefits everyone.

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