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Changes to EAF Guidelines

important changes to EAF

JobAccess has contacted Deaf Australia to let our members know that the Department of Social Services has reviewed the EAF Guidelines and there will be some changes from 25 August 2014 onwards.

The main changes are to the required documentary evidence that will be necessary prior to approval (in most situations, however, once the information is on file JobAccess will not need it again unless there is a change in barriers or the job role).
For all applications, the initial application will now need to include a copy of a signed and dated Contract of Employment or written offer in relation to employment.
You will need to supply:

  1. Medical evidence (diagnostic &/or symptoms)
  2. Status as an Australian Resident

You will not need to do this every year for each application – it will only be necessary for the first application to JobAccess from this point on.
This will be particularly important for urgent Auslan Funding needs as JobAccess will not be able to provide approval unless the documentation has been supplied (especially for Auslan Level 2 applications not through an employment service provider).
EAF applications will not be approved for items already purchased or where a commitment has been made to purchase the item(s) prior to the application being submitted (ie. no retrospective reimbursements).
JobAccess will now be required to obtain signed agreements from recipients and their employer in relation to an Ownership Agreement for the items/modifications to be funded prior to the approval taking place. This does not include interpreting and awareness training provisions.
Please note that there are changes that will directly impact your use so please make yourselves familiar with these changes.  The new Guidelines can be found here (DOCX option available if required):
Should you have any queries or questions about the new Guidelines, please don’t hesitate to contact the JobAccess team on 1800 464 800 or [email protected]

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