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Deaf Australia are coming to Sydney for NDIS Review sessions 


Sherrie: Deaf Australia, along with various board members, will be traveling across Australia from June until August to meet with the Deaf community.NDIS Review - this will be a paid opportunity for participants. NDIS Youth Review - each state will have a young person responsible to run this workshop.

Jen: The NDIS review session is important.

If you come, you will be able to talk about your experiences with the NDIS, both positive and negative. I will take on all of your information and then give it to the NDIS, so they can learn and understand how to adapt to work with you, the Deaf community. We will ask questions like, do you have a good or bad experience with the NDIS;whether the NDIS understands you as a Deaf person; what good things you want more of; what things you want less of; whether you are happy with your plan, especially in comparison to others who have a NDIS plan would you want everyone to have similar plans or different. We will ask many different questions.

We will be going to all the states in Australia this year. You will also have an opportunity to meet us at Deaf Australia before or after the events.

You will be paid for coming to the NDIS Review. Those who are Deaf, Deafblind or hard of hearing – all those who have plans will be paid $140 for two hours, and $50 per hour afterwards.

Those who are not Deaf, Deafblind or hard of hearing, and support Deaf people, will be paid, but at a lesser rate per hour.

Sherrie: They will be scheduled over the weekends to ensure community participation. RSVP is essential for attendance.


Hello, my name is Sarah (sign name). I'm from Newcastle, which is 2 hours north of Sydney. I'm here to let you know that I will be facilitating the youth NDIS review workshop in Sydney on 29th July. This workshop aims to provide you with the opportunity to discuss how the NDIS can improve and to gather your feedback on what is and isn't working. Share your thoughts on how they can better support the youths. All of our discussions will be shared with the NDIS to ensure they meet our needs.

This session is for Deaf, Deafblind, and hard of hearing youths who use Auslan. It will be well worth your time to attend this workshop! For more information, please see the other post. Thanks.

Deaf Australia are coming to Sydney for NDIS Review sessions on 

 Friday 28 July Evening Session – 5pm – 7:30pm

Deaf Australia Constitution consultation


Saturday 29 July Morning Session – 10:30am – 1:30pm

NDIS Review (paid opportunity) 


Saturday 29 July Afternoon Session – 2pm-5pm

NDIS Youth Review (paid opportunity) – facilitated by the amazing Sarah Clarkson


Location: Deaf Connect, 4/69 Phillip St, Parramatta

Watch the video to see why your feedback is important to improve NDIS for the Deaf community. 

We have limited spots available, and they’re filling up fast! 

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