Thank you for your time to read some contents to prepare our upcoming Special General Meeting (SGM). There are three parts you are required to make a vote: 

  1. Financial Report 2021-2022
  2. Proposed Constitution
  3. New Board Members

Financial Report 2021-2022

Proposed Constitution

New Board Members

Susan Bates

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I would like to nominate myself, to be considered for a Deaf Australia (DA) Board Member position.

Currently I am working as a Deaf Role Model at WA’s only fully-accessible (‘Auslan all the time’) primary school for deaf children.  I have been there for 4 years.  I am also a current board member of WAAD.

I would like to be on the board of Deaf Australia, for 2 main reasons:

  1. It is an exciting time for DA, and I would like to contribute my time, experience, and whatever else may be of support, to help DA grow.
  2. Representation and information sharing is essential, and I would like WA to have an access point via the Board.

Advocacy is my passion, and I want to contribute, where possible, to basically ensure that the rights of Deaf Australians are upheld and respected throughout all levels of government and in the community.  I appreciate a good policy (one that covers many ‘bases’), and I enjoy building networks (working with people) that raise awareness.

Through my prior experience, working for ACROD WA (now National Disability Services), Disability Access Support Unit ACT/NSW (employment support), and being a WA rep for the Open Captions Australia committee, and many other work/voluntary roles, including the last 10 years in education, I have come across many of the issues faced by Deaf people (Australian and those waiting to become Australian citizens) and would like to support the organisation of DA to address many of these issues.

Sherrie Beaver

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Sherrie Beaver (she/her) is a non-binary Deaf person. With more than 15 years of experience on boards, she has served on the boards of Queensland Association of the Deaf, Deaf Australia (NSW) and Deaf Victoria, as well as Queensland Deaf Sports & Recreation and Deaf Cricket NSW. She has experienced different types of positions and leadership on several boards, which has enabled her to obtain excellent governance skills over many years. 

She currently works for a Deaf organisation, managing their grants and projects portfolio. She has previously worked for several Deaf organisations. She currently holds two university degrees: Bachelor of Arts from Western Sydney University, and Master of International & Community Development from Deakin University. She also has worked as a casual academic and recently co-authored a paper with Dr Breda Carty. 

Growing up as a Deaf person, the Deaf community gave Sherrie so much which is why she strongly believes in giving back to the community. 

With her expertise in academia, research, social media & community development as well as board experience, she will be able to contribute a lot to Deaf Australia and she is keen to learn from Deaf Australia on a national level. 

Julie Lyons

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About Me:

My name Julie Lyons from Brisbane, Queensland. I am currently working as an Auslan teacher in private schools. I also working for Deaf Sports & Recreation Queensland under Deaf Sports Australia for more than 16 years as State Administrator then Sports Development Officer promoting deaf young children in sport throughout Queensland. I enjoyed working at University of Queensland as Research Assistant to develop a new Auslan technologies for deaf people access to Alexa using Avatar. I am still teaching the Community Auslan classes through various organisations.

Why would I like to be part of Deaf Australia:

I have been involved in Deaf advocacy in Queensland for 20 years through Queensland Association of the Deaf as Board Director then President for 10 years. I also have involved in Deaf Culture Council Queensland (DCCQ) for 5 years as Board Director then Vice President mentoring for deaf people being on the board of DCCQ.

I am familiar with Deaf Australia’s mission statement in advocacy for the deaf community through my involvement in QAD and DCCQ. I have been attending the World Federation of the Deaf Congress couple of times. I was one of the WFD Congress GOC for three years for WFD Congress in Brisbane in 1999. I was the Volunteer Co-Ordinator. This has given me the opportunity to understand how the WFD and DA advocacy system works on the different levels.

I have a strong passion about the advocacy for the deaf community. I have been advocator for my people in Queensland. I understand what the deaf community in Queensland needs, for example, accessible in sport such as Deaf Sport System (light system) making sure that deaf athletes have their rights to access to light system.

I also have a passion about the equality in education for deaf children. I have been working in Education Queensland supporting deaf students. I have seen many things that was not equal for deaf students. I have stood up for the students to receive what they need for their education.

I have been involved in many different organisations as the board director such as Deaf sport clubs, QAD, DCCQ and Access Arts in Queensland. I would like to my contribution to Deaf Australia with my knowledges. I would like to be part of this amazing organisation what Deaf Australia can do for the deaf communities in Australia.

What will I contribute to Deaf Australia and the Deaf community:

I believe that I have a lot to offer for Deaf Australia with my personal and professional experiences that will benefit for Deaf Australia. I have a good understanding of the constitution and policies through my work with DSRQ and Deaf Sports Australia. They have a great constitution and policies that cover for all states. I have done the Auslan translations about the constitution and policies in sport. I would be happy do the Auslan translations in deaf advocacy with unpacking information for all.

I have a strong connect with the deaf community in Queensland and throughout Australia through my involvement in AAD / DA conferences, WFD congresses, sporting sectors and my networking with various deaf and disability organisations in Queensland and Australia.

I look forward to working with the board management of DA and the members of the Deaf communities in Australia.

Brooke Pape

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Hi my name is Brooke Pape (sign name) and I am from Canberra. I was Co-opt in April 2022 to be on the board. I wanted to expand my skills and thrive in a leadership role, providing advocacy for the deaf community. 

I am passionate about providing Deaf Australia insights from the deaf community to help make changes that are important. I am eager to continuing working with Deaf Australia to further share information, develop new networks and gain resources locally and nationally. 

As a person who prides myself with my intersectionality, I believe I can continue to bring awareness and advocacy for the deaf community, especially minority groups.

Karthik Vijayanandam

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My name is Karthik, and I am from Melbourne, Victoria. 

I am a qualified teacher of the Deaf, psychoeducation guidance therapist, soon to be qualified counsellor and at present, I am the wellbeing leader for Deaf and hard of hearing students at a mainstream school.  

I have been involved in various boards and committees as a board member and as an advisor from the age of 18 to present in the UK and Australia. At present I am a member of my local council’s ‘Sex, Sexuality and Gender diverse Advisory committee’ and provide strategic guidance.

I want to join the Deaf Australia board so that I can make a meaningful contribution in terms of enhancing existing Deaf Australia board expertise to Deaf Australia by bringing in my knowledge of diversity, inclusion, mental health, education, and strategic planning that will continue to shape the future of all Deaf Australians in positive ways.

Please make your way to make a vote for all three parts

The vote must be completed by 27 January 2023 and the results will be announced at SGM.

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