Deaf Awareness and Auslan Training

Auslan courses and workshops

Do you want to learn to sign so you can communicate with your Deaf friends, colleagues or family members? Or do you just want to take it up as a new hobby?

Deaf Australia offers three different workshops and courses:

Deaf Deaf World Workshop

This interactive workshop provides you with an opportunity to experience a little of what the world is like for a Deaf person. This workshop is recommended prior to attending Auslan Community Classes.

This workshop is a valuable learning experience and resource for professionals, public servants, service providers, health providers, students and anyone with an interest in the Deaf community.

We use a hands-on, fun and practical approach. It is designed to give you an idea of the main issues in the everyday lives of Deaf people.

By attending this workshop, you will learn some basic Auslan signs and gain a better understanding of:

  • The diversity of Deaf people
  • Myths and Facts about Deaf people
  • What is Auslan
  • Communication Strategies

Objectives of the Workshop

To develop awareness of and sensitivity to the communication needs of Deaf and hard of hearing people

To increase understanding and use of alternative communication methods when interacting with Deaf/hard of hearing people

To develop a basic knowledge of Deaf Culture

What some of our past participants said

“Eye opener … gave me a real insight into the experiences of Deaf people.”

“Learned about Deaf Culture and the needs for the Deaf Community. I now feel comfortable approaching Deaf people.”

Deaf Awareness Information

This is an informative session designed to improve understanding of communication methods within the workplace.

In this information session, you will learn about

  • Deaf Community
  • Deaf Culture
  • Communication
  • Technology
  • Health and Safety

Objectives of the Workshop

To develop awareness of individual differences that exists amongst Deaf people, the factors determining these differences and how to respond effectively to these differences.

To increase understanding and use of alternative communication methods when interacting with Deaf/Hard of Hearing people.

To develop a basic knowledge of Deaf Culture.

To have some awareness of Occupational Health and Safety for Deaf people in the workplace.

How much?

$55 per person
$880 for organisations/groups up to 15 individuals

Auslan Community Classes

Auslan (Australian Sign Language) is the language of the Australian Deaf Community. We currently offer two levels of Auslan – Introduction to Auslan and Auslan 1.

These courses run for eight weeks each and will introduce students to basic communication skills with Deaf people and a general understanding of the Deaf Culture. These courses are not formally accredited however you will receive a booklet at the commencement of the course and a certificate of attendance upon completion.

Deaf Australia offers the course in two ways:

  1. In the community on a term by term basis where anyone can enrol
  2. As a private group course at your workplace.

Introduction to Auslan

This course is for anyone who wants to learn how to communicate with Deaf people. This course is suitable for people with little or no sign language skills or knowledge. You will learn basic skills in order to communicate with Deaf people.

This introductory level covers:

Background information on Deaf Community and Culture

Fingerspelling exercises

Basic Auslan signs for introducing, saying hello, numbers

Communication strategies and expressions

Auslan 1

This course is for those who have completed Introduction to Auslan and want to build on their skills learnt at the previous level.

Students will have the opportunity to further practice their signing skills through conversation:

  • Discuss personal background
  • Discuss topics such as occupation, nationality, history, favourite activities and likes/dislikes
  • Using depicting signs to describe different shapes, sizes and objects; colour; clothing and people

How much?

$140 per person
$125 for concessions
$1500 for organisations up to 15 individuals.

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