Recent webinars

AFAC Warning System Information System – with Simon Heemstra and Leyla Craig | August 2023
Deaf Mental Health “Dinner Table Syndrome” – with Bobbie Blackson, Sue Jo Wright, and Matthew Norman | July 2023
Deaf Mental Health Panel – with Karli, Herbert & Alice  | September 2022
Deaf Community Research – Be In It with Gab & Darlene | June 2022
Deaf History & Cultural Recognition Program with Breda & Darlene | March 2022
Being Deaf makes you a better & successful leader with Toby Burton | October 2021
Creative writing workshop with Kerrie Taylor (for secondary students) | September 2021
Importance of Healthy Eating and Nutrition with Ross Onley-Zerkel (Deaf Chef Ross) | September 2021
Digital literacy with Ravi Vasavan | September 2021
An insight into board games with Catherine Greenwood (NZ) |
July 2021
Life as a Deaf Aboriginal Person with Samantha Wilson |
June 2021
‘Deaf Studies in New Zealand Today: Lessons for Australia’ with David McKee & Sara Pivac Alexander | May 2021
What is Deafhood? With Ramas McRae| April 2021
History of Auslan with Darlene Thornton | April 2021
How to do Auslan translations with Tony Clews | March 2021
How to self-advocate with Patti Levitzke-Gray | March 2021
What is Deaf Ecosystem? with Thomas McWhinney (UK) |
February 2021
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