Primary: Prep – Year 2


“Storm the Hero”
Hillcrest Christian College

About a robber who signs to the dog Storm who communicates what’s happening to his owner who is also deaf. They communicate to the parents who quietly call 000 and the robber is caught.


“How The Dragons Learn Sign Language”
Methodist Ladies College

About a little girl who partners with a dragon named Remorse to look for the Lazulite Stone. They succeed because they communicate in Auslan.

Upper Primary: Year 3 – Year 6


“A Possible Perfect World”
Mundingburra State School

A deaf girl fights with her hearing family because of communication breakdowns. She has a sleep and dreams of how a perfect world would look like for a deaf person. She wakes and finds it’s a dream only and ends with how it could be possible to create a better world for deaf people.


“A Love Story With A Twist”
Eastwood Primary and Deaf Facility

About 2 girls who meet a man and he can’t sign; yet one of them falls for him and suffers physical pain when he leaves. It’s only when they meet and get together that her physical pains stop.

Secondary: Year 7 – Year 9

No entries received in this age category.

Upper Secondary: Year 10 – Year 12


“The Hearing Cowboy”
Shenton College Deaf Education Centre

About a hearing cowboy who tries to pass off as Deaf in a Deaf world and is found out because he is not Deaf ‘in the blood; you live Deaf; you ACT DEAF; you think like a Deaf person and you are involved in the Deaf community and Deaf culture.’


“How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse”
Methodist Ladies College

About how zombies rely on the sounds of humans to catch and eat them; people also went deaf from the apocalypse and they had to learn how to communicate silently.


Wow! Imagine a world where everyone can sign everywhere! Can you picture that? Well, that's the theme for this writing competition. Please get involved if you want to win prizes. Go for it! This competition is organised by Deaf Australia. It just crossed my mind, are you a member of Deaf Australia? Yes? Great! If not, consider becoming a member and supporting this fantastic organisation. Who's sponsoring this? It's my business. Fantastic! I'm looking forward to seeing your stories. Remember, the closing date is 31st October, okay? Please hurry to get involved. Great, goodbye!

Visual descriptions

Visual description opening slide: Blue and purple gradient background with white text. White Deaf Australia logo at the center top. There is a graphic image of Dot Shaw in the center of a photograph of her as an older lady wearing big glasses. The photograph is edited to be purple, blue, white and black and in an organic circle shape. There are white graphic star shapes around the photograph. Above is a sticker graphic reading "2023". Below is the Dot Shaw Young Writer's Competition logo in white followed by a sticker graphic that reads "is proudly sponsored by: Sweeney Interpreting [logo]."
Visual description video: Video features Sean Sweeney from Sweeney Interpreting signing towards the camera about the DSYWC 2023 in an exciting and happy manner. He is wearing a bright orange Sweeney Interpreting t-shirt, glasses and has a big beard. He is surrounded by Sweeney Interpreting merchandise and posters.
Visual description poster: Graphic with information about the DSYWC 2023. There is a graphic image of Dot Shaw in the center of a photograph of her as a young girl, looking to her left. The photograph is edited to be purple and yellow in an organic circle shape. There are white graphic star shapes around the photograph. Content reads: "Theme for 2023: A World Where Everyone Can Sign Everywhere. Submit your story to the writing competition for a chance to win a cash prize!* Competition prizes: Primary - 1st Place $100, 2nd Place $50. Secondary - 1st Place $200, 2nd Place $150. Upper Primary - 1st Place $150, 2nd Place $100. Upper Secondary - 1st Place $250, 2nd Place $200. See more on our website [QR Code]. Competition closing date is: Tuesday 31 October 2023. Eligibility: Deaf or hard of hearing students (prep to year 12) who lives in Australia. [Sweeney Interpreting logo]. Special thanks to our sponsor Sweeney Interpreting for generously donating all of the cash prizes for the competition!"
Visual description closing slide: Graphic features white Deaf Australia logo on a green and blue gradient background. Text reads “Deaf Australia is a Deaf-leg advocacy and information organisation in Australia representing all Deaf, Deafblind, and hard-of-hearing people and others who use Auslan (Australian Sign Language) as their language of preference. Contact us: [email icon] [email protected], [website icon] www.deafaustralia.org.au, [Instagram and Twitter icons] @deafaustralia, [Facebook icon] DeafAustraliaInc”

Special thanks to our sponsor: Sweeney Interpreting

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