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EAF Update for Self-Employed Applicants

Important update to the EAF, Deaf Australia

JobAccess has contacted Deaf Australia to let our members know that there are some changes to the Employment Assistance Fund (EAF).

These changes are only for self-employed people; not for jobseekers or people who are employed in an organisation or business.
The changes are about the evidence that JobAccess needs so they can confirm EAF eligibility for self employed applicants. JobAccess will now be asking for more evidence to make sure self employed applicants are eligible for EAF/Auslan funding.
This is based on a decision made by their funding body: the Department of Employment.
JobAccess will now be asking self-employed applicants for evidence to confirm they are working a minimum of 20 hours per week and earning a regular income. Ways to show this that are acceptable to the Department of Employment include:

  • Examples of appropriate evidence for work hours include a time-keeping log of work hours, appointments or diary entries covering at least the previous three months.
  • Evidence of income may include sales records, contracts with clients, or a statement of income from a Certified Practicing Accountant or Certified Accountant.

If you are self-employed or assisting self-employed clients to submit applications, please make sure you have this evidence ready when you apply for the EAF, to minimise delays.
For more information about the changes, contact JobAccess:

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