Disaster Risk Reducer eLearning call outs – experience with disasters?


Hello! I’m overseeing a project which focuses on developing eLearning modules which are online courses on different topics that you can access according to your interest/s. One topic we are developing is the Disaster & Risk Reduction (DRR) module. It’s a really interesting course where you learn about different emergency services, what they do, what specific services they provide and how they participate in community education to help defend against disaster. You’ll become knowledgeable after learning all about it.

We want to encourage people to put their hands up to get involved in two different groups; your experiences with one of the groups or both. The first group asks for anyone who has experience volunteering with emergency services such as the SES, fire services like the RFS or any other related services. If you have any experience with this please do come and get involved. We will ask you questions about your experiences to put into the module. It will encourage people to be more curious and learn.

That’s the first group. The second group asks for people who’ve experienced disaster/s such as house fires, bushfires, flooding, cyclones or any other natural disasters. We would like you to tell a short story about your experiences, to be filmed, as a Deaf person experiencing that along with things like communication breakdowns or lack of information available.

If you feel you have experience in one or the other or even both groups, please contact this person who is developing the DRR module named Leyla. Please email her ([email protected]), she will take your details, consult with you before arranging the filming of your story ranging from 1 to 3-4 minutes. The videos will be shown later along with the module at its launch. If you have any questions please contact us.

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