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Highlights from the Parliamentary Breakfast at Parliament House in Canberra


Video 1:

[All three] Hello, hello, hello!

[Debra] I'm Debra Swann, Chairperson of Deaf Australia.

[Catherine] I'm Catherine, usually a Policy Writer, but I'm here today to fill in for Jen's speech.

[Shirley] I'm Shirley, my role is Community and Youth Advocate.

[Debra] We are here in Canberra at Parliament House, and you might wonder why we are here?

[Catherine] We’re here for the National Week of Deaf People. We’re meeting all these impressive people.

[Shirley] We're excited for this upcoming lecture and networking opportunity with our government representatives, and it's wonderful that there are 11 youth representatives from all over Australia, the leaders of the future.

[All three] Definitely. Thank you and goodbye!

Video 2:

[Both] Hello, hello!

[Debra] We're here at Parliament House for the breakfast event with MPs, where we have the opportunity to network. How do you feel?

[Anabelle] I'm feeling inspired seeing young deaf representatives asking questions to the MPs, and they even interacted with Bill Shorten – that's just awesome! How about you?

[Debra] I'm also feeling inspired, seeing such diversity come together and question the MPs, showing them the main issues we face here in Australia.

[Anabelle] It's also great to have Auslan represented here in Parliament House with actual government officials. I think it's brilliant.

[Debra] Yes, absolutely brilliant.

[Both] Thank you, thank you.

Visual descriptions

Opening slide: Graphic features white Deaf Australia logo and Deaf Youth Australia logo on a blue and purple gradient background. There is a photograph of Catherine, Debra and Shirley standing in front of a Deaf Australia and Deaf Connect banner. Text reads "Deaf Australia and Deaf Youth Australia Updates. Highlights from the Parliamentary Breakfast at Parliament House in Canberra. Published 13 September 2023."

Video: Features two video updates from various Deaf Australia and Deaf Youth Australia staff and board members about their recent trip to Canberra for a Parliamentary Breakfast. Between the two videos is a slideshow of some images from the events.

Closing slide: Graphic features white Deaf Australia logo on a green and blue gradient background. Text reads “Deaf Australia is a Deaf-leg advocacy and information organisation in Australia representing all Deaf, Deafblind, and hard-of-hearing people and others who use Auslan (Australian Sign Language) as their language of preference. Contact us: [email icon] [email protected], [website icon], [Instagram and Twitter icons] @deafaustralia, [Facebook icon] DeafAustraliaInc”

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