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In Memory of Karen McQuigg

Arum lilies are depicted on a black background. White writing reads: In memory of: Karen McQuigg

Deaf Australia is saddened to learn about the passing of advocate, supporter and deaf community member Karen McQuigg.

Deaf community advocate Karen McQuigg who recently passed away.One of Karen’s strongest passions was captioning access. She was involved with the establishment of a cinema access working group that advocated for captioning access in cinemas throughout Australia, and also had a role in advocating regarding the controversial CaptiView technology.
Karen was one of the very few members of the Deaf Community who would write personal submissions to various government inquiries, most recently the Deregulation Bill on Captioning.
When the Government announced that Deaf Australia would be defunded under their new funding structure, Karen immediately put up her hand to help and support us to discuss and explore various ways Deaf Australia could campaign to raise funds and remain viable for the interests of deaf and hard of hearing people.
In the coming months and years, some of Deaf Australia’s campaigns will include Karen’s contribution and Deaf Australia is proud to carry her legacy in creating social justice and equity for deaf and hard of hearing people.
On behalf of Deaf Australia, the board and the deaf/ hard of hearing members, we convey our sincere condolences to Karen McQuigg’s family and friends.

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