Deaf Community Volunteer Award

Community Volunteer Award (in memory of Ann Darwin)

The Community Volunteer Award is established in 2018 in memory of Ann Darwin.

The Award recognise anyone who has contributed voluntarily to the Australian Deaf Community or to the wider community.

Ann Darwin was a huge part of Deaf Australia, being the longest serving Board Director for 21 years and has led Deaf Australia as President under two separate terms. She has also been involved with Deaf Victoria (formerly known as Victorian Council of Deaf People) and led this organisation as president for many years. Not only the two organisations, she has been involved in many Deaf community organisations and clubs that foster sense of community belonging, support and leadership. All this voluntarily. In 2006, Ann was awarded an Honorary Life Membership for dedication to Deaf Australia and to the Deaf Community.

The Deaf Community Volunteer Award is Ann Darwin’s Legacy.


2018 –

  • Mrs. Mary Stewart (Vic)
  • Dr. Breda Carty (NSW)
  • Ms. Darlene Thornton (NSW)

2019 – Ms. Sue Mills Frank (Qld)


The Deaf Community Volunteer Award is open to any individual living anywhere in Australia.

  • Only individual Deaf people may be nominated.
  • The award is one-off – i.e. an individual Deaf person can be recipient of the award only once. An individual can be nominated many times but once they have won the award, they cannot be considered again for Award in any subsequent years.   
  • A nominee must be recognised for his/her voluntary contribution towards the Australian Deaf Community or to the wider community.
  • A nominee must be a person who is aged 18 years or over, and who makes exceptional voluntary contributions in one or more of the following areas:
    • Undertake activities for deaf community in social settings;
    • Presents a positive image of Deaf people;
    • Raising awareness of the Deaf community;
    • Quiet achievers in the Deaf community.
  • Nominations may be made by:
    • Any person who is an Ordinary member of Deaf Australia
    • By board of Directors of Deaf Australia; or
    • By Darwin’s Family.
  • The nominee must be:
    • Deaf person; and 
    • Volunteer.