The Stolen Mona Lisa

One night time there was a security guard who looked after the art gallery in France. The art gallery had lots of famous paintings.

On the same night a thief quietly crept into the art gallery and stole the very famous painting called the Mona Lisa. Alarms sounded and the guard screamed, “What is wrong?” The guard heard someone running; it was the thief! So the guard yelled very loudly, “Stop there thief!” Then he tried to catch the thief.

Leonardo Da Vinci’s ghost jumped out from the Mona Lisa painting and scared the thief and told him to free the painting.

The thief was terrified of Leonardo the ghost and screamed, “ARRRRGGGHH!” and ran away leaving the painting and the art gallery behind.

Then the guard found the painting and put it back where it belonged. Just then the Leonardo ghost jumped out and said, “Thanks guard.”

Now the guard and the ghost of Leonardo Da Vinci have been secret friends of night time and look after the art gallery together.

Sacha Clark-Hunter
First Prize, Upper Primary 2011
Klemzig Primary School, Adelaide SA
Theme: “One World, Many Stories”
Reproduced by permission.