Improving Deaf Children's Literacy through Sign Language


Improving Deaf Children’s Literacy through Sign Language

There are 32 million deaf children in the world, many of whom struggle to read. Your donation will support the development and growth of Deaf Australia’s projects for deaf children from across Australia and the development of StorySign.

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Deaf Australia, in partnership with Huawei, is committed to tackling the issue of literacy of deaf children through development of StorySign.

90% of deaf children* are born to hearing parents, many of whom do not know sign language. 

The free to download StorySign app brings physical books to life through a friendly avatar called Star, who expertly reads each stentence in sign language as your mobile phone is held over the text. By translating written words to sign language, and highlighting the related text, Star helps deaf children learn to read and understand the concepts different words represent.

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* Research shows that the statistic of deaf children born to hearing parents are consistently similar around the world.