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Introduction from Kyle Miers: new Deaf Australia CEO

Hello, I’m Kyle Miers, the new Chief Executive Officer of Deaf Australia.

Firstly, I would like to say a big thankyou to the many community members, organisations and key stakeholders for the congratulatory messages I received through social media, emails and text messages over the last few weeks.

Secondly, I wish to acknowledge the valuable contribution from Karen Lloyd who has set a strong foundation for this organisation, as have previous staff members Brett Casey and Caroline Aquiline.
The challenge I now have is to build from this foundation so that Deaf Australia continues to remain the main organisation representing the interest of deaf people at all levels. In addition to this, Deaf Australia’s capacity to advise, consult, and undertake opportunities to strengthen this organisation’s effectiveness will increase.
The disability movement in the government sphere has shifted towards persons with disability, and we play a greater role in advocating for those needs and ensuring that services are actively addressing these needs. Deaf Australia believes that many initiatives are not yet inclusive for deaf people. It is time for change.
Deaf Australia’s vision and objectives are for deaf people, the community, and the organisation to work together and with others to achieve successful outcomes for deaf people.
As we undertake administrative change and the board is reviewing our strategic plan, I ask you to fill out our satisfaction survey and please tell us what key issues you feel we must focus on over the next few years. Once we receive your feedback, we will work on our new strategic plan, to be announced at our AGM in Perth in November 2014.
Survey at
Lastly, I am privileged in taking this important role to drive the organisation forward. However, I cannot do this alone. I need you to share your support, knowledge and skills with us so that Deaf Australia and the Deaf Community remains viable into the future.
Thank you.
Kyle Miers, CEO

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