Last call for WFD Conference


Deaf Australia would like to give you a new update about the World Federation of the Deaf (WFD) conference. The original plan was that delegates would converge/fly onto the conference, meet and greet, socialise and watch presentations. Now, COVID19 has impacted on that and plans have changed to doing this online, watching the different presentations on laptops and screens. The theme is “Doing Inclusive Education for Deaf Learners: Discovering Best Practices.” There will be opportunities to discuss and learn much from this. Deaf Australia some time ago asked if people were interested and keen to be involved, to write submissions and Deaf Australia would view them, select the most appropriate ones. We received maybe one or two and so thought we would ask again because the standard registration for the conference cut off date is looming - it will finish 12th April. The registration from then to the 20th-22nd April to log in and view the conference will cost more. The cheaper registration will cost $300 (USD) while the other will cost $350 (USD). So if you want to work out the currency exchange from USD to Australian dollars you will need to look online. Each country, of which Australia is one, can choose to send 6 people to be involved in the conference. The WFD encourages two of the delegates to be from youths, to allow them the chance to participate and also view the WFDYS’ conference, to understand and learn more from the processes. So: 6 people inclusive of 2 youths. This leaves 4 adults with one being representative of Deaf Australia’s board and staff, which means there are 3 community spots for you. If you are keen to participate please contact us through email at [email protected] - better hurry and let us know so we can collaborate and submit the applications for you. If you want more information over the program and who is presenting - they have quite a diverse list - you can go to the WFD website and have a look.

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