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Marriage Equality Postal Ballot – Community Information

This video is not captioned. The following is a proper English Transcript.

This is a community information video about the upcoming Marriage Equality Postal Ballot.

Marriage Equality means that civil marriage would be available without discrimination to all couples regardless of sex, sexual orientation or gender identity. The Australian Government wants to know if you support Marriage Equality or not.

How does the ballot work?

Every registered voter in Australia will shortly be receiving a ballot paper by post with a single question to be answered:
“Do you support a change in the law to allow same-sex couples to marry?”
Voting ‘YES’ means you support Marriage Equality and for same-sex couples to marry.
Voting ‘No’ means you do not support Marriage Equality.
Once you complete the ballot, you need to post it back to the Australian Government using the envelope provided and sending it via Australia Post.
The Australian Government will tally the votes and put forward to the Parliament for further actions.

  1. If there are more ‘yes’ than ‘no’ votes, the government may consider amending legislation to allow equality marriage;
  2. If there are more ‘no’ than ‘yes’ votes, the government may not take any further action.

Deaf Australia is asking every one of you to be respectful of other’s opinions, beliefs and values as there is lots of tension and emotion surrounding this issue in the community.
We are aware of the challenge of ‘equality’ within the Deaf community and we believe that everyone should be respected as equal citizens of Australia.
Thank you.

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