Message from Deaf Australia’s new Chief Executive, Jen Blyth


Hello! I’m Jen Blyth. I am the new Chief Executive here at Deaf Australia. I have only started last Monday, I am in awe with Deaf Austalia’s amazing work to date, amazing team with great staff members. It has been really exciting start, I am thrilled to be part of the team and work with them.

I would also like to acknowledge the last Chief Executive, Kyle Miers who have worked with Deaf Australia for many years. In the last few months, we had an interim Chief Executive, Rodney Adams. Many thanks to both of them for the work they have done to date.

Moving forward, I really would love to hear from the community, including Deaf, hard of hearing or hearing people, interpreters, CODAs etc. I am keen for you to share with us what you would like to see Deaf Australia do. You can contact me anytime. My email address is [email protected] My mobile number is 0477 551 844. You can use that number to video call via my mobile or Skype. Otherwise you can search deafaustraliajenblyth on Skype and call me through that. I am also available on WhatsApp, direct text message or through Deaf Australia’s platforms, for example, Facebook or email [email protected] I am really looking forward to hear from you, and to work closely with you all to make sure Deaf Australia continues to be in good position for many years to come. Thank you.

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