Ms. Ida Rogers

2020-2023 Board of Director Candidate

Hello to all, I’m Ida (signname), Ida Rogers, and I am interested in being nominated and joining the Deaf Australia board and eventually or soon, the chairperson. 

Now I’d like to talk about three things I would like to look into if elected into the board. First, I would like to see DA look into more ideas on how the NDIS can be used within the Deaf Community to see more access and support used. Secondly, governance, ensuring all is good and smooth. Thirdly, Oceania I am interested in seeing how Australia/Deaf Australia can work together more with Oceania for more shared events both physical and online – with New Zealand, Fiji and the Pacific.

Who am I? I am a native of Sydney, and now am located in Melbourne. I have moved many times, one key need for me was knowing whether there was a Deaf Community in the area I would like to live in. Why? It was where sign languages live. Signed languages are vital to me and this is the same for many of you too. This is also related to my work – I teach sign language – Auslan. I do teach hearing people Auslan, but also deaf people, I teach TAE, so they become teachers, literacy and numeracy as well as Auslan itself. I have enjoyed the many years I have worked in this area.

I also have participated in the Deaf Community my whole life, and started off being involved in Youth groups and others. More recently I was part of the Auslan X team and absolutely enjoyed that, not only that but also the signwilf event, which was also exciting to see happen and continue.

I enjoy those types of connections and the sense of belonging with the Deaf Community, which is important to myself.

Thank you for watching this, and hope you will elect me… Oh yes one more thing oddly enough, is ‘I-DA’ (I and Deaf Australia).