National Consultation

Deaf Sector and the NDIS

NDIS has established a ‘Hearing Stream Department’ and is seeking Deaf Australia to provide feedback to NDIS on the following topics:

  • Children learning Auslan;
  • Best Practice for early intervention including options for mode of communication;
  • NDIA Access Requirements;
  • Pricing for Early Intervention and interpreter supports;
  • Hearing and visual devices, augmentations, products and training;
  • Deafblind;
  • Carer’s perspective.

Community Consultations:

Deaf Australia will host 3 national consultations (Perth, Melbourne and Sydney). These consultations are in Auslan and interpreters are provided for non-Auslan users.

Date, time and location of consultations:

  • Perth – 3 April at 6.30 pm at AccessPlus WA Deaf, D’ Café, 34 Dodd Street, Wembley WA
  • Sydney – 16 April at 6.30 at Ephpheta Centre, 4 Turner St, Punchbowl NSW
  • Melbourne – 3 May at 6.30 at John Pierce Centre, 25-35 High Street Road, Prahran Vic

Online Survey:

Online Survey is being conducted via Survey Monkey, which means anyone can provide feedback. It is preferred that the person who is providing feedback are deaf, hard of hearing, parents/ carers of deaf child/ person, interpreters and service providers for deaf community.

Survey link:

Survey close on 17 May 2019.

Individual Interviews:

If you wish to provide one-to-one interview with Deaf Australia, you can request by sending an email to [email protected] and provide your contact details and we will get in touch with you to organise a time. The interview will be done via video conference.

It is expected that Deaf Australia will submit its report to NDIS by end of June 2019.

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