The App makes it easier to claim and managing your budget. The trial App will allow NDIS to help them improve the App before it is released to the public. 

You need to be: 

  1. Self-manage your plan, 
  2. Use smart phone regularly, and
  3. Currently making claims on NDIA ‘myplace’ portal. 

If you are interested to test/ trial the App, please send email to NDIA at [email protected] with email subject as ‘Deaf Australia Mobile App Invitation’. NDIA will ask you a few questions before providing you a link to download the App. 

Copy paste this script in your email to NDIA. 


Subject:  Deaf Australia Mobile App Invitation

Good (morning / afternoon) 

I am responding to a social media post from Kyle Miers, Chief Executive of Deaf Australia, regarding trialling the NDIA App. 

I am interested in trialling the NDIA App, please email me with further instruction. 

With regards

(your name)

Good luck.

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