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Deaf Australia will have a community consultation for NDIS regarding the feedback from CALD. They want Deaf people to share their experiences with NDIS, whether it was compatible with Deaf culture and the language.  

We had NDIS CALD Community consultations on Zoom and they want more feedback so we have added 2 more available dates. The first is: Thursday 13th April 7pm – 8.30pm AEST, online via Zoom. The second is: Friday 14th April  9.30 am – 11am AEST for face to face in NDIS office in Melbourne – address confirmed upon registration.

Participants with be paid for their time online or in person. For online participants we encourage attendees from outside of Melbourne. Jen Blyth will be facilitating and leading the conversations. Email [email protected] for questions and to register your attendance. It will be worthwhile sharing your experiences and effect change for better futures with NDIS.

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Event details below:
NDIS Office Melbourne

Friday 14th April
9:30am – 11am AEST

Participants will be paid for their time. Catering provided.

Online via Zoom

Thursday 13th April
7pm – 8:30pm AEST

Participants will be paid for their time.

Video update 17 March:


Hello. I’m Jen. 

Any of you have NDIS? Do you feel any barriers with NDIS and their planners or LAC where they don’t understand your Deaf pride and the use of Auslan as your main language? Perhaps they only see the disability side without the insight of the cultural aspect. Have you experienced that? Or maybe you have seen a really great case, and you want the same for other Deaf people.

If so, then do come to the online meeting on Monday 20th March 6:30pm (AEDT). It will take up to 3 hours of your time. I will be facilitating this meeting to get feedback from the you, the Deaf community. I will be sharing the data back to NDIS so they can make adjustments and better serve the Deaf community. It should be that NDIS accommodates their Deaf clients rather than us to fit into their system. It’s our aim for NDIS to change their system to match our cultural needs.

You will get paid for your time because we believe your time is valuable. We can only accept 8 places and we have a tight timeline, so please do join to make the changes within NDIS.

Please contact us to register and see the link.

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Jen has curly red hair and is wearing a black t-shirt. She is standing outside against a brick wall and next to garden. The sun shining outside.

Closing slide: Graphic that features different ways to get in touch with Deaf Australia. Deaf Australia logo is in the center at the top. Content reads “[Email icon] [email protected], [Website icon] deafaustralia.org.au, [Post box icon] PO Box 31 Northcote, Victoria 3070, [Facebook icon] Deaf Australia, [Instagram icon] deafaustralia, [Twitter icon] @deafaustralia”.

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