NDIS Update – 2 April 2024



This is the NDIS update. This is a hot topic within the Deaf community, especially for those who use the NDIS in different ways. Deaf Australia has continued working with the NDIA in different ways, we regularly attend forums, meetings and discussions. Deaf Australia has also been contributing to working groups on topics such as the planning process, and providing feedback from a Deaf perspective. We also have had meetings regarding issues that we see occurring in the NDIS space that affect the Deaf community. This includes insufficient interpreter funds being allocated, the rejection of Auslan training in plans, or insufficient funds for Auslan. Also supporting people to appeal the NDIA’s decision and supporting cases at the AAT that relate to interpreter funding, Auslan training and other Deaf specific requests.

The Deaf community must have their choice and control with the NDIS. We have been doing lots of work in this space.

I also acknowledge there have been a lot of changes and reforms to the NDIS, however, this information hasn’t been shared with the Deaf Community well. We will create a page on our website to explain these changes. Recently there was a bill introduced in Parliament to ensure that the NDIS stays within its original vision. This means that Deaf Australia along with other Disability Representation organisations can work with the NDIA to ensure a better outcome and experience for the Deaf and wider disability community when accessing the NDIS.
There have also been changes in policies to crack down on fraud and strengthen fraud prevention, this will be released soon.

Changes such as an extra day in processing payment for services, changing from 2 to 3 business days to ensure appropriate oversight.

Check-in with your plan or plan managers to understand these changes and to make sure they don’t impact any of your services. We are trying to get more visual and accessible information about these changes so you can understand how to best use your plan in alignment with the changing NDIS space.

If you have any concerns about your NDIS plans please contact us and we can point you in the right direction to have this resolved.

Thank you

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