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14 September 2020

Deaf Australia is launching a new logo to signify our core value and belief that sign language is a fundamental human right for deaf and hard of hearing people.

Recently we reviewed our organisational capacity and current funding structure, our relationship with stakeholders, our public and community profile, and we decided to change our logo to better reflect who we are now. 

Deaf Australia is renewing our focus towards promoting and recognising the rights for deaf and hard of hearing people to use and access sign languages; to strengthen deaf and hard of hearing people to be empowered through effective supports and resources; and to promote providers in catering the needs of deaf and hard of hearing people so that everyone can play an important role in the community.

In the previous year, Auslan has gained prominence through high profile partnerships with Huawei/StorySign and Canberra Raiders, the first Auslan presentation at the National Press Club in its entirety, and constant exposure of Auslan interpreters on broadcast networks and social media.

As many as 25,000 primary and secondary students across Australia are learning Auslan through the National Language Curriculum program.

The Census 2021 survey will include ‘Auslan’ as a language prompt for the first time which will provide us with better data which will help us identify what work needs to be done to fully realise the potential of deaf people. 

In addition, some Aboriginal Sign Languages have also gained prominence in recent research publications showing the importance of sign language with the development of community and cultural identity, which is the fundamental human right that is enshrined in the United Nations Human Rights Charter.

Deaf Australia has directly and indirectly contributed to all these and innumerable other achievements.

Our new logo is a testament of who we are, what we have accomplished, and what we aspire to achieve.

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