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Notice of Annual General Meeting – 2018

Deaf Australia Inc. will hold its Thirty-Second (32nd) Annual General Meeting on Saturday, 10.30am on 27 October 2018 at Grant Cameron Community Centre at 27 Mulley Street, Hawker ACT 2611. 
Deaf Australia’s Constitution that was amended on 22 November 2014 states that:
Election of Board Directors:

  1. Nomination shall be in writing addressed to the secretary and shall be signed by the nominee, proposer and seconder, all whom must be financial Ordinary Individual Member of Deaf Australia, please use Nomination Form attached;
  2. Nomination must be lodged 21 days prior to Annual General Meeting (nomination must be received by 5 October 2018);
  3. If we receive 5 or more nominations, we will send you a ballot on 12 October 2018, and ballot must be received by 24 October 2018 (a ballot can be in form of electronic ballot);
  4. Only Ordinary Individual Members[i] are entitled to vote for board members. We will send you information on ballot voting once we receive nominations; and

The current Board Directors:

  • Todd Wright (NSW) – Continue to 2020.
  • Debbie Kennewell (SA) – Term expires, available to re-election
  • Adrian Doyle (Vic) – Continue to 2020
  • Rodney Adams (NSW) – co-opt member, end of term, available for nomination.

The constitution dictates the following:

  1. Maximum (two) 2 Board of Directors can be elected from same state/ territory;
  2. Up to 4 board directors (minimum 2) can be elected at 2018 AGM (only one from NSW and Victoria can be elected);
  3. After the AGM, the elected directors will determine its terms and positions.

Please complete Nomination Form below by 5 October 2018.

  • All members (ordinary and associate) are entitled to put items (things you want to talk about) on the agenda for the Annual General Meeting.
  • Written notice of items for the agenda must reach the Secretary by 5 October 2018Agenda, minutes and other papers will be sent to you later.

Voting at the Annual General Meeting:

  • If you are an Ordinary Individual Member or an Ordinary Organisation Member[ii] you are entitled to vote at Deaf Australia general meetings
  • If you are not coming to the meeting on 27 October 2018, you may appoint another member as your proxy to vote for you (proxy form is attached/ or use electronic form).

Please complete Proxy and Apology Form below by 19 October 2018.
NB:        The person you choose as your proxy must be a member of Deaf Australia who is entitled to vote

  • If you are an Associate Individual Member[iii] or an Associate Organisation Member[iv] of Deaf Australia you are not entitled to vote at Deaf Australia general meetings. However, you are very welcome to attend the meeting – the meeting is open to all members and other interested people who are not members.


  1. Submit board nomination forms by Friday, 5 October 2018;
  2. Propose your meeting agenda item/s by Friday, 5 October 2018;
  3. Submit Apology/ Proxy Form by Friday, 19 October 2018;
  4. Submit your ballot vote by Wednesday, 24 October 2018.

Please send all items to the Deaf Australia at PO Box 1348, Blackburn North, Victoria 3130; or fax to 03 8691 1324; or email to [email protected]. Thank you.
[i]   An Ordinary individual is Deaf or Hard of Hearing Person.
[ii]   An Ordinary organisation member is a national organisation where more than 50% of its board members are deaf or hard of hearing.
[iii]  An Associate individual member is a person who is not deaf or hard of hearing.
[iv]  An Associate organisation member is any organisation that is not a national organisation/ and or where less than 50% of board members are deaf and hard of hearing.
Kyle Miers
Chief Executive/ Company Secretary
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