NRS Update – 2 April 2024



Hello, this video is an update about the NRS. You may remember the previous video we posted about the NRS and the concerns around the tender process for service delivery.
The tender application has now closed. We acknowledge the limited consultation with the community and the gaps that exist in the current form.

We have been contacted by the relevant Government department to discuss the areas we have identified and they expressed they are happy and willing to have further discussions on how the service can be improved once the tender has closed.
We will share more updates when they happen.

Also, we have been working closely with ACCAN who are experts in the area of Communication, they have assisted us in how best to lead this, with foresight for the next tender process to avoid what happened in the recent tender.

The process will take some time with negotiations to ensure its successful. We want to ensure issues raised are resolved, so we don’t have to deal with the same types of issues in future tender cycles. We will share further updates when we have them.

Also, for any issues identified or brought to Deaf Australia’s attention, we will be approaching the Minister of Communications to inform them and have thorough conversations on how these can be addressed. We hope to begin this approach shortly.

Lastly, we have spoken with ACCAN about ‘Triple-0’ emergency calls. They are eager to explore how this can be improved. You may be aware that the 3G network will be shutting down this year. Different Telecommunication businesses such as Telstra, Optus and Vodafone have announced when they will turn off their 3G networks. Please check with your phone provider to make sure you won’t be affected with this change.
ACCAN told me about the various levels of 000, some being the State’s responsibility and others being the Federal Government’s responsibility. They’re happy to work with us to help address the issue of Deaf people being unable to access 000 in the time of an emergency, and the changes needed to amend this. We’ve been involved with a committee of other stakeholders and the Government which has given us a great opportunity to inform them about this so they can also advocate for us.

Once we know more about how to best approach State-based 000 providers, and approval from the board, we will let you know and consult with the community to move this issue forward.

Thank you for watching this update.

Visual description

Shirley is wearing a black t-shirt standing in plain cream background.

She is signing in a friendly and concise manner towards the camera.

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