Sign Language Interpreting, Theory and Practice

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The third edition of Sign Language Interpreting has been revised to introduce sign language interpreters around the world to essential professional knowledge and contemporary best practice in the field. 

The authors are leading sign language interpreter educators, practitioners and researchers, and the book reflects their expertise by integrating a deep knowledge of practical skills and models for sign language interpreting across a range of contexts and locations. 

Key features of the book include: 

  • an updated overview of the worldwide sign language interpreting profession; 
  • an introduction to contemporary theoretical and applied aspects of interpreting practice; 
  • a discussion of the interpreting process, the role of the interpreter, and professionalism and ethics; 
  • insights into the challenges and strategies for working in particular settings; 
  • information about specialised interpreting skills; and 
  • questions at the end of each chapter that guide readers to reflect on the information and issues presented. 

This book is a valuable resource for sign language and interpreting students, interpreters entering the profession, as well as an international reference book for sign language interpreter practitioners, trainers and researchers. 

By Jemina Napier, Rachel McKee and Della Goswell. Published by The Federation Press, 2018. 

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