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Proposed revised ‘Assessing Fitness to Drive’ guidelines released


The National Transport Commission (NTC) has released proposed revised Assessing Fitness to Drive guidelines as part of the current review of the medical standards. Deaf Australia (together with Deaf Victoria) has been instrumental in the drafting of the revised guidelines and encourages all members of the Deaf community to read and provide feedback to the Commission.

The review of the Assessing Fitness to Drive guidelines has taken into account:

  • advances in medical knowledge & practice
  • changes to the driving environment and policies
  • stakeholder feedback on the operation of the standards, including any problems faced by medical professionals currently doing the testing
  • findings from relevant recent inquiries
  • any other new issues affecting the medical standards

The changes were developed after the NTC released a draft consultation paper in October 2014 and received valuable input from medical practitioners, consumer health organisations, government transport departments, driver licensing authorities, unions, operators and transport industry associations.
The NTC is seeking feedback from key stakeholders including the medical community, industry groups and associations, transport operators and their employees, driver licensing authorities, transport departments, unions, regulators and coroners. Additionally, all submissions are welcome from any interested party.
The NTC will consider these submissions when drafting final recommendations and providing them to the Transport and Infrastructure Council at the May 2016 meeting.
The Papers can be found at the following link (scroll to bottom of page for Consultation Report, draft AFTD guidelines, and Submission Template):
Submissions will be accepted from now until Friday 8 January 2016 (COB).

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