Humans of the Australian Deaf Community

Launch 'Our Deaf Ways'

We are excited to launch ‘Our Deaf Ways’ six-part video podcast series with SBS on Auslan Day – 13th April!

Episode 1: Deaf 101

published on 13 April 2022

In episode one of Our Deaf Ways, learn more about the importance of Auslan (Australian Sign Language in the Deaf community with James Blyth & Darlene Thornton.

Episode 2: Deaf Stories

published on 27 April 2022

Our second episode “Deaf Stories” of Our Deaf Ways video podcast.
David Peters and Natalie Sandon-Stanhope discuss a wide range of experiences with technology, driving, communicating with hearing people, sign names, and jokes.

Episode 3: Deaf Gain

published on 11 May 2022

Our third episode “Deaf Gain” of Our Deaf Ways video podcast.

Drisana Levitzke-Gray and Matthew Norman, two Deaf Aussie expats living in different continents. They shared many amazing things about being Deaf; parts of life both big and small that are actually better for Deaf people than for hearing people.

Episode 4: DeafBlind & Ushers

published on 25 May 2022

Our fourth episode “DeafBlind & Ushers” of Our Deaf Ways video podcast.

Steve Ripley and Edan Chapman share their personal experiences of being DeafBlind and Ushers, and discuss the need for greater acceptance and understanding in the Deaf community and wider society.

Episode 5: Intersectionality in the Deaf Community

published on 21 July 2022

Our fifth episode “Diversity Plus” of Our Deaf Ways video podcast.

In this episode, First Nations Australian Sue Frank and wheelchair user Petra Svab discuss the intersectionality in the Deaf Community and how their attitudes have been shaped by their experiences, and the layered barriers they have faced.

Episode 6: Deaftopia - Imagining a perfect world

published on 7th September 2022

Our sixth episode “Deaftopia: Imagining a perfect world” of Our Deaf Ways video podcast.

In this final episode of Our Deaf Ways, Jen Blyth and Karthik Vijayanandam imagine what a world free of daily frustrations and structural limitations would look like for people in the Deaf community.

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