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Seeking deaf community input about Justice System


We are currently seeking to learn from the deaf community their various experiences with the justice system, including police, court and jail. We are gathering evidence to support deaf specific advocacy for people facing these scenarios. All of your information will be kept strictly confidential. If you are willing, please get in touch with us at [email protected] with the subject line "Justice System Experiences" and we will set up a time to discuss further. Thank you.


Hello, I’m Catherine and I work at Deaf Australia as a policy writer. We know from the community’s feedback and the DRC reports that deaf people have experiences with the police, courts and jail. We know that deaf people have different and varying experiences with all three; we want to ask the deaf community YOUR experiences with any and all three. Were they good or bad? Did you have interpreters alongside with you? How did you communicate with them? What was positive and what was negative about your experiences with any or all three? We don’t want to know the whys of your experiences with them as it’s none of our business. And of course, whatever you say to us will be kept strictly private. We want you to please contact us and let us know your experiences because we want to focus on how to improve how to have better experiences with all three (police, courts and jail). Hope you can get in touch with us. Bye.

Visual description

Opening slide: Graphic features white Deaf Australia logo on a green and blue gradient background. Title reads "Seeking Deaf community input: Your experiences with the Justice System. Published: 8th December 2023." Bottom has photographs of a gavel, prison cells, and Australian police force in circle shapes.

Video: White woman with shoulder length dark hair wearing a blue jumper sitting with a creamy background, signing in Auslan about a request to get in touch with Deaf Australia relating to experiences with the police, courts and jail.

Closing slide: Graphic features white Deaf Australia logo on a green and blue gradient background. Text reads “Deaf Australia is a Deaf-led advocacy and information organisation in Australia representing all Deaf, Deafblind, and hard-of-hearing people and others who use Auslan (Australian Sign Language) as their language of preference. Contact us: [email icon] [email protected], [website icon], [Instagram and X icons] @deafaustralia, [Facebook icon] DeafAustraliaInc”

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