Statement about the WFD 2027 Congress

Concerning the WFD 2027 Congress: Deaf Australia is surprised by the choice of the UAE as the host, as it contradicts our values and those of the United Nations. We are discussing and seeking more information before deciding on our next steps.


Hi, my name is Anabelle I’m the Deaf Youth Australia President and I’m here with Jen Blyth, the Deaf Australia CEO. Thanks Anabelle, we’re making this video in response to the communications we’ve had from both Australians in Jeju and back at home in Australia. There is a conversation happening at a global level about the UAE winning the bid to host the 2027 World Federation of the Deaf World Congress. 

Deaf Australia is shocked that the World Federation of the Deaf accepted the bid from the UAE when it is not in line with their values, nor is it in line with the United Nations values. Deaf Australia are waiting on more information from here and we believe there are more conversations that need to happen. We felt it was important to make a statement in response to this news.

We have reached out to WFD and WFDYS boards for clarity on how we move forward. There will be a series of meetings with both Ordinary Members and Youth Ordinary Members. There is a general consensus that the UAE is not best placed to host the World Congress. Representatives from the Oceana region, Europe, Pacific region, and America will all be meeting with WFD tomorrow. We hope we’ll have more information following these meetings. 

Yes. If you have any concerns or you would like to give us some information or feedback, please contact us via our email addresses. Please be aware that we are concerned and we did discuss the vote prior to the voting taking place and had agreed that UAE was not the vote we would place. We are disappointed with this news, but we want to see what happens in the coming days before we take any further action. We will update you when we have more information. Thank you.

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