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Disability Royal Commission

Deaf Australia would like to welcome Ms. Darlene Thornton who has been appointed as Advocacy Support with Deaf Australia for the Royal Disability Commission.

Introductory video:


Hello, I am Darlene

Deaf Australia would like to let you know that I am working with Deaf Australia as Disability (Deaf) Advocacy Support to work on all matters related to the Disability Royal Commission (DRC).

I will be working in this role until 30 June 2022, working with you in the Australian Deaf Community and with Disability Royal Commission.

We will be focusing on few things like:

  1. Advocate for both individual and organisations;
  2. Provide information about DRC in Auslan and deaf-friendly language so everyone in Deaf Community can understand;
  3. Provide support and help with understanding of the DRC’s processes and what to expect; and
  4. Provide support and guidance when submitting a report or attending a hearing/ meetings with the DRC.

It is important for us to know how DRC work and what it means for us in the Australian Deaf Community, and why it is necessary to contribute by submitting reports and attending hearings.

If you have any issues, questions or concerns about DRC and how I will work with you or other members in the Deaf Community, please contact me at [email protected].

More information about Disability Royal Commission in Auslan videos will be coming soon.

Thank you and I look forward working and supporting you all in the Deaf Community about the Disability Royal Commission.

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